Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A case for daily multivitamins

As usual, it was a typical hectic holiday season filled with family and fun. But for once, I didn't catch that inevitable cold or flu bug from my niece, cousins, aunts or dad. Finally, I managed multiple plane flights, hugs, shared utensils, and didn't come down with my normal start of the year Illness.

While I am sure there are many reasons for my renewed immunity, I think one contributor is my daily vitamin. Surviving the visits with family and friends as well as four plane flights full of germs is no easy feat for me. Last year, I caught something on just about every trip. However, since I started taking the vitamin, I have been healthy, feeling better during my training sessions, and even seem to be recovering a bit quicker. In years past, I have been inconsistent with my nutrition and wanted to make a change. With the help of First Endurance, I have finally started to take my training, racing, and daily nutrition to a higher level. While I don't think First endurance is the only good multivitamin out there, for me it is nice to know that their supplement is developed for athletes and our unique needs. In addition, it is important to have a vitamin that coordinates with my training nutrition and provides the right amount of minerals, vitamins, and calories to help me recovery whether I am in the middle of a big training block or just building up my base. Finally, as a pro, I need to make sure any vitamins and supplements are tested and don't contain any banned substances. With a company like First Endurance, I don't have any concerns and trust in all their products.

In the scheme of my training program, the easiest workout is taking that multivitamin and nutrition to recover. Make it one of your resolutions to take your nutrition more seriously in 2011 and an easy way to stay healthier and out there training is with a daily vitamin.