Saturday, January 27, 2007

Training Hard in Boulder

Welcome to my new blog!! I am a 2nd year professional triathlete who is leaving my position at Corporate Express and pursuing my dream to be a world class athlete full-time.

Starting in late December, it was back to the grind to get ready for the upcoming 2007 season. As it is my 2nd season as a pro, I am excited to see even more improvements this year and hopefully learn from each race what I can do better next time. Last year, I learned a ton and defnitely suprised myself with some amazing races. But, I know that I have a long way to go and putting in lots of hard work now will pay later this season. Unforuntealy, this winter in Boulder has been snowy & cold. For the past 4 weekends, it has snowed at least 4 inches. Not to mention the snow left over from the blizzard in December! Needless to say my bike hasn't seen pavement since I was visiting my family for Christmas. My teammate and I have spent plenty of quality time on our trainers either at home in the garage or in our coach Siri Lindley's basement. And the running hasn't been much better. But luckily, Boulder plows it's bike paths, faster than the roads, so I have been able to venture out for some miles instead of spending hours on the treadmill. And it helps to know that the snow & cold are only temporary at least for our team. In 3 weeks and counting, I'll be headed on a jet plane to the outback for some hard training and racing in Austrailia. I can't wait... biking outside, not having to run over ice and snow to the outdoor pool, feeling the sun, and of course training my butt off!

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NJ said...

very exciting! cannot wait to read more.