Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bumper Stickers....

While I was out riding my bike for too many hours the other day, I started to wonder about all the bumper stickers I was seeing. I thought of a fun game (or rather fun only when you're a bored and captive audience riding out in the middle of nowhere in Colorado) to read and try to remember as many as bumper stickers as I could.

I saw many of the typical ones like....

  • My Kid is a Honor Student (or Band Member or Gifted or ....) at Some School Sticker
  • Election Stickers mostly of the 2008 variety but some as far back as 1992
  • Various Sports Team, College, and Radio Station Stickers
  • Hard-core Opinion Stickers - either Religious, Feminist, Vegan, NRA, Pro-Troops, Anti-War, Road Rage, or something similar
  • Life Philosophy, Affirmations, Exclamations....half of them trying to be funny
  • Some just not explainable to me...

Here were a few stickers that stuck in my head for a few hours after the ride:

  1. Unwrap a Smile and Eat a Little Debbie Today
  2. Stop reading this bumper sticker and watch the road
  3. I am already against the next war
  4. Real men don't ask directions
  5. My other car is a Porsche...
  6. Make Levees not War

In full disclosure for this post, I should say that I do have stickers on my own car and am not anti-sticker. On my back window, I have both a Lawrenceville and Northwestern Alumni sticker, and Jeff has a 140.6 sticker.

Next time you're out riding start reading those bumper stickers; you may not learn anything but at least the time while start going by faster.

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