Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2nd at 70.3 World Championships

It's always nice to finish the season well. Unlike last year, I had a strong finish this year: Escape to Bermuda and the World Championships both went well. In my last race of the year, the 70.3 world championships, I finished 2nd and broke the world record. I was a bit surprised by the time and my overall place. But, otherwise the race wasn't too different from my pre-race plan; I wanted to swim well, bike hard, and hoped to come off the bike with the lead women then just run my own race that is pretty much what happened. I'll post my full race report in a few days.
The weekend before that I had an opportunity to race in Bermuda. It was a great trip; the island was so beautiful with amazing beaches. IMG put on the race and did an excellent job; it was very well organized and a ton of fun. The pros also had the chance to help out with the sprint and kids races on Saturday which was fun and allowed us get to know some of the local athletes. The race course was tough with a hilly bike and very hilly run. Other than a sub-par swim, I was happy with the race. The poor swim probably cost me a few places as I was only one second out of 3rd and only eleven seconds behind the 2nd place lady. But at least if you are going to have a poor swim; the water in Bermuda isn't a bad place to spend an extra minute or two floundering around in... I definitely hope to go back next year and improve on my performance.

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gasnurse2006 said...

Wow! Its awesome to see all that you are accomplishing. I remember seeing you back in probably 1996. You were back from northwest doing some winter training at Lake Forest High School. You were doing a workout in the lane next to me. I kept thinking, "who is this chick kicking my ass?" After you were done I asked Coach Dennis Davis who you were. He told me who you were and said, "She is going to be great someday." He smiled was excited when he said that. Im sure you know that means alot to see him smile...LOL. Anywho...keep up the awesome work, and take care of yourself. Its great to see a fellow Delawarean representing.