Thursday, November 18, 2010

Opposite of good?

What is it about time off of training that makes me want to chew off my arm or cry? Wait, that was a trick question. When you chew off you're arm, you are naturally going to cry in pain. Regardless, the last few weeks have been a test.

Here are my darkly innane observations to match my mood....

Why do people think they have to be happy all the time? I think it's a farce. Only here in the US do you have to be smiling ear to ear to be fufilled. It's just not realistic to be overjoyed all the time. In fact, being happy all the time seems as dangerous as being sad all the time. Isn't there a happy medium where we can have appropriate emotions for the given situation?

Why are people so outraged about the new TSA screening. Firstly, isn't it designed to keep us safe. If that isn't enough, then why are we willing to give up our privacy everyday as we talk on our cell phones in public, join facebook, tweet about our lives, and many even would willing sell their privacy to be on a reality show for their ten minutes of fame....yet we won't give up a little bit to be safe in an airplane?

Why is it okay to tweet about yourself in the third person? Seriously. If you talked to anyone in public in the third person, you would look like an ass but it's totally okay to do it on the internet.

What is the opposite of good stuff? I don't think it's bad or evil stuff. I think it would be the one and only null set. No stuff.


Ryan Oilar said...

Ryan was wondering the same thing about the TSA scanning. (had to throw in a little 3rd person--it's the internet)

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